“If I can acknowledge that I do not exist in the parameters of a woman,
yet embrace all of these things that are assigned femininity,
even if it means I won't be perceived as my honest self,
then I have moved beyond a need for gender.

The future is non-binary; it is genderless.

this passage from my senior thesis project, ok girl, perfectly encapsulates the ethos behind the project.
it is an introspective on what constitutes my gender + how that manifests in my physical reality.

this book contains anecdotes from my personal experience as a non-binary individual
as well as drawing inspiration from contemporary queer theory. i break down ideas and terms as i
understand them in an attempt to dissect constructs of gender and lay them out for display.

alongside this written exploration, i used knitting as an art form to create objects of value
in regards to how they influence gender performance, and then modeled them to accentuate how i wish to
be perceived or, alternatively, hidden.

each of the patterns i used for the knitted work are included in the book.

okgirl also features a handful of spreads dedicated to poetry that pertain to the gendered experience.

example spreads

knitted products

okgirl | created spring 2022